After high school, students should make a big decision that might change their whole life. Many students think that choosing a major to study is the hardest thing ever. However, if you know what you are interested in and what future job that would be perfect with your personality, choosing a major will be easy for you. Also, students should love their major, and when they do, they will work harder to achieve their goals. Nowadays students can pick from several majors. The world has changed, and everything starts to develop so fast. Everyone is looking for a major that will benefit and grow the society.  We all want a perfect future career with a good salary, a career option and a job that changes our life and society for the better. Majoring in aerospace accomplishes all of these.

The aerospace major is fun for students since they can do a lot of activities. Any student can find his/her interest in this major because it has different consternation. For example an engineering and technology major, Aerospace would be a good choice because one of its consternation is engineering. Students might wonder what career they will be ready for it after studying aerospace engineering. According to California State University “Those who works with aircraft are called aeronautical engineers and those working specifically with spacecraft are astronautical engineers”. Aerospace industry has a huge effect on technology especially in airports. It can make the work faster and easier in aviation. According to California State University “Aerospace engineers have been known to develop new technology that is used in defense systems, aviation and space explorations. Most of the specialization is in structural design, navigation, control and communication or production methods”   As mentioned that aerospace has more than one consternation includes Flight dispatch, maintenance management, professional pilot, administration, and engineering, so students can choose what they like and interest them.

We all want a perfect future career with good salary, according to worldwide organization “The U.S. Department of Labor found that median annual earnings of aerospace engineers were $94,780 in 2009” aerospace business  always evolves and has new things , it never stays the same.  When it comes to the career, you will get a good salary, and you will feel relieved because you will serve a lot of people. Is the aerospace all about salary and studies? Does it benefit its employees only? Aerospace raises any country economy, and it minimized the world. Moreover, it strengthens relationships between the countries, for instance; aircrafts import goods to other countries faster than any transportation. Also, it did develop transportations what made traveling easier. Without Aerospace, the world would not have large aircraft, fast airplane, and convenience transportation.

In a report by KPMG (2013), the report sort to evaluate the future of civil aerospace with a specific study of the UK Civil Aerospace Manufacturing sector. Among the strengths that were presented in taking up a career in civil aerospace, one was that it was the world leading position where it had a 17% global market share and the UK industry was the largest in Europe and the second largest in the world. Expertise in innovations showed that there was a high value in technology where it was noted that this was a career that allowed individuals to learn the best designs and come up with cutting edge innovations in technology. The report also showed that this was a strong and as well coordinated industry that allowed the individuals a new drive on the investments and they also addressed the barriers to growth. A unique partnership was also another advantage to taking up a course as one was linked to an ever growing network that saw the development of careers and growth of businesses in the industry (KPMG, 2013).

Texas is also known for its outstanding performance in the Aerospace industry. Texas was ranked as the number one employer in the aerospace and aviation industry (Texas Wide Open for Business, 2014). In addition to this, there was a 10% surge in 2012 that was experienced in exports in Texas. The report by  Texas Wide Open For Business, that sought to evaluate the Texan aerospace and aviation industry in Texas showed that the industry directly employed more than 153, 000 workers annually (Texas Wide Open For Business, 2014). Below is a breakdown of the industry employment where aerospace is the second largest employer after air transport. With a 34% share, then there is a promising future for any student who ventures into the aerospace industry.

Source: Texas Workforce Commission

In addition to this statistics, the aerospace and aeronautical engineering was ranked third by the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board.  This was after the mechanical engineering and physics department (Texas Higher Education Coordination Board, 2012). The commitment that Texas universities has placed in the aerospace research and development has seen the allocation of $95 million in research which shows that this is a field that allows students to invent new technology even commercialize after approval (Texas Higher Education Coordination Board, 2012).

UC Davis College of Engineering (2014) found that the aerospace science was a newer and better way to fulfill the humanities oldest dream which is the dream to fly. This means that an aerospace major will help a student create faster, efficient and economical forms of aircrafts. The course also ensures that the student is exposed to unparalleled opportunities for research. The studies will then prepare the student not only to work in the aerospace industry, but, ensures for diversity on loads that rely on aerodynamic forces.

I want to take this chance and share my experience with the course that will ensure that you are interested in this course. On admission, an aggressive person and was an introvert. I believe that this course has been able to change quite a lot about my perception and especially since I did not realize how important reading analysis are. Well, I must admit that when I began the course, I was a bit scared as I did not know what to expect, in the long run. However, I started with a lot of optimism and I hope to gain the best out of this apart from a good grade. In terms of the nature of assignments, I have been able to relate most of them to my life as a majority entailed personal relations and how can work on personal development. This was a life changing moment and especially when I had to give a true reflection of what I feel. It was a great experience that came with its share of challenges. Further, the course has improved my levels of assertiveness and especially when dealing with responses, where other students are involved. I believe I can clearly be able to make a critique of an article and highlight what I feel must be there and what must not be included in the paper. I believe that this is a skill I will use in the future and especially developing new ideas and sharing them to get the opinion of others. In the long run, I believe that this course will be a scale for me to move higher in my education whereby I will be able to learn more things in future, based on what I have learnt now in this course. Finally, my creative thinking skills have also improved, and I believe that I will be able to work on different types of thesis in the near future.

The best opportunities also will come to the student. I would like to work for Standard Aero. Standard Aero is the world’s largest aerospace industry which has an independent maintenance, repair, as well as an overhaul provider. The success of the company has grown to unexpected levels that have seen the company increase the current capabilities and develop a sense of commitment and value to the client. The company’s over fourth thousand employees can ensure that the company can meet its values to the client and ensure that they offer high-quality services. In this company, there will be some areas of evaluation that are associated with the performance of the company and contribute to the performance of the company. This is a company any student wants to be associated with as it provides the best international services on repairs and training for aeronautical students.




The biggest advantage in taking up this course the ideas that one learns in how to be creative and become an assertive thinker. The risks of the job are canceled out when one thinks about the benefits, after all, which career does not have risks? Aeronautics will make the difference as the experience in travel and creativity will make one stand out. Think aerospace and take your career beyond the skies. Through airline cooperation and development of joint ventures, it is possible to form a strong economic and legal alliance among airlines. A number of engineers tend to lack a single offer due to the limited economies of scale which are different operations and legal barriers to market entry and cross-border mergers. However, in order to benefit more, there needs to be a closer cooperation between the airlines so as to improve the quality due to better schedules, more combinations and seamless experiences to students. In a study by the Higher Education Coordination Board, 90% of the universities that offer the aerospace courses tend are provided financial aid that covers the flight expenses and tuition (Higher Education Coordination Board, 2014).



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